Friday, September 19, 2014

Isabelle Fernandez: "Best Spartan In The World"

Image courtesy of: Isabelle Fernandez

This is Isabelle Fernandez: the girl who was born to live in a desert. Isabelle is a friend of mine who is an experienced warrior. I met her in seventh grade in math. We had a free period (mainly because we had a substitute) and she was playing a game called Duck Life. I asked her what it was and she explained it to me and we've been friends ever since.

 She is also kind of extremely obsessed with the Spartan Army and the United States Military. To be more specific, the Navy. Isabelle owns a sweatshirt that has "Navy" on it, and won't let anyone touch it without her permission. She will most likely be in the armed forces when she's older. Being apart of the Navy is her true ambition in life and is also the only reason why she joined cross country running.

She participates on the Park City High School team and absolutely loves it. One of her favorite things to do on the distance runs is to stop by Starbucks and get a quick Pumpkin Spice Latte. Here are some of the most recent races from the cross country team: Results.

Isabelle is also very good at drawing cats. Warrior cats to be more specific. She is actually unbelievably good at her drawings, even though she says she's bad at them. Whenever we go to cross country races she brings her sketch book along and draws profusely. Occasionally I will glance over and see what she’s working and I’m always impressed.

Isabelle is also a fan of the band The Wanted, but also listen to what she calls, "Angry Viking Music." I know it sounds weird but after a while it might actually sound kind of okay. (At least after you get used to the classic irish/screamo mashup)

A sport that Isabelle does is horse back riding. Last year she even went to a bull riding camp in Idaho. She also loves a brisk mountain bike ride. Plus a fun run with friends always helps as a stress reliever.  

One of her best qualities is that she is a very protective and loving friend. Isabelle makes sure that her friends are always included in conversation and activities. She is also focused on achieving her life time goal, "the overlord of the world", as she puts it. But Isabelle is a very well rounded individual who will most likely rule over all of us in the near future.

A picture of one of her drawings. Courtesy of Isabelle Fernandez