Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dillon McClelland: "A Wondrous Soon To Be Pilot"

First, I need to address something,
Dillon, I am so sorry that I can never spell your last name right. I always spell it like Mcleland or whatever and I am extremely sorry (just had to get that out there).  Trust me, with a last name like Beling pronounced like Baeling. I too endure the constant confusion of having a hard name to pronounce.

Dillon being majestic. Photo Curtesy: Dillon McClelland.
Anyways, Dillon is really cool. He has a sweet vibe and a flare of fierceness. He’s spectacularly smart and incredibly responsible. Trust me, the only reason that I got a good grade in science last year was because he kept me on top of things.

Dillon’s biggest inspiration is his mom. He states that it’s, “because of what she has accomplished and shown me what I can accomplish.” That is truly the nicest statement that a son could say about his mother.

Dillon’s favorite memory is the time that he went to Bear Lake. He went there with his family and played volleyball to his heart’s desire. I’ve never actually been to Bear Lake but my dog is from there and everyone says that it’s gorgeous. Someday, I would love to go to Bear Lake. But for now, I’m stuck with Lake Jordanelle.

Okay, Dillon’s favorite bands are Panic at the Disco and The Cab. Panic at the Disco is honestly one of my all-time favorite bands as well. His favorite song of theirs is I Write Sins Not Tragedies. The blend of indie and punk rock is just beautiful in that song. I've never actually heard of The Cab but based on the one song that I just listened to, they're pretty amazing.

Dillon is obsessed with traveling thus making him want to become a pilot. I think that Dillon is level headed, a little strict, but also bundles of fun. So, he would be a fantastic pilot! I personally couldn’t agree me more with his love of travel. I just love discovering new and exotic places while immersing myself with the culture. Going to new cities and national parks puts me into my true happy place.

When Dillon is no longer youthful and is planning to move away he wants to live in either one of these places: Park City or London. Park City is beautiful and the skiings great but the town itself is pretty tine. London is filled with a rich history and has unique people but is dirty and gross. For me, it’s a tie breaker. I honestly don’t even know which city that I would choose. So, I can see why Dillon would want to move to either one of these places.
Finally, a word that Dillon would use to describe himself is preppy. He wear clothing that reflects this description and also acts in a smart kid kind of way. This is a near perfect description for Dillon and I love it!

Lastly, Dillon is an amazing individual who is, incredibly smart, extremely cool, and exponentially talented. He’s a wondrous friend that helps keep me in shape for school.

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