Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jeff Pack: "Cher's Ultimate Fan"

Jeff and his sister. Photo courtesy of Jeff.
I recently interviewed one of my closest friends: Jeff Pack. I have known Jeff for an extremely long time. I'm talking like at least twelve years. We basically grew up with each other. I vividly remember having playdates at his house watching Scooby Doo and the Lochness Monster. I also have a memory where he came to my house and we got into an epic controversy about a puzzle and whether or not the picture was of a tractor or a dumpster. Or the time when I tried my first diet coke at his house and we both spat it out.

But a couple of years of ago we wanted to watch Jaws. Being the multi-taskers that we are we also had to make Ghirardelli chocolate brownies. On the box it asked for one and 1/3 teaspoons of water. Well being the idiots that we were we thought that it was eleven thirds teaspoons of water. So we put eleven teaspoons into the mix. It became incredibly watery and we asked Jeff’s mom about it and she just bursted into laughter. I guess you could say that that is the reason why we have to take a math class everyday.

Jeff really loves Cher. I mean he really loves Cher. He is so obsessed with her that when ever I go to his house we listen to his endless Cher CDs or we watch his DVD copy of Cher's Farewell Tour. I also am convinced that he knows the lyrics to every Cher song ever. Here is one of our conversations earlier. I asked him: so why do you love Cher so much? His response: "She is the greatest singer and actress in the history of the world! I mean obviously." That was literally his exact response.

But besides for Cher, Jeff actually does karate and is currently two belts away from a black belt. He loves a double double at In-n-Out Burger and a cold diet coke. An interesting fact about Jeff is that he is friends with Mr. Macias. Yep the burly math teacher that we have all come to love. I have personally heard Jeff and Mr. Macias talking about me and other fellow classmates. They kind of have a strange relationship. Like how Mr. Macias will tell Jeff all about his upcoming jokes that he will tell in class. (weird right.) Jeff loves to talk about Cher. But no matter what you do, do not think that he is talking about Cher Lloyd. I have personally made that terrifying mistake.
Cher. Photo courtesy of Jeff.

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