Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tate Hoefler: "A Running/Nordic Skiing Rockstar"

How would I explain Tate Hoefler in five hundred words? Well I'd start with that he is a fantastic skier and he also runs as a side sport. But other than his sports Tate is a wondrous person. A Vermont native with extreme pride for his state. Like if you bring up anything involving the Patriots, maple syrup, and Vermont in general, he will go into a harangue of why the Northeast is the best part of the United States. Once Tate is older he would love to live in his hometown. That town is Williston, Vermont. When Tate is older he would like to go into one of two things. Either sales or engineering. I think that Tate would succeed pretty well in either one. 

Also another thing about him is that he is overly obsessed with the Patriots. I think he wears a Patriot's jersey two out of five days each week. He knows everything there is to know about the Patriots. It's cray cray.

Tate's biggest inspiration isn't a person. It's and idea. The idea that everything is possible. It's quite an inspiring idea. And I think that Tate follows this philosophy pretty well. Like he has these eccentric ideas about the craziest things. Like once he proposed to me the ideal candy bar. And it honestly sounded pretty life changing. So stay ahead of your time Tate!

Tate’s really proud of the kind of music that he likes. He mainly listens to classic rock or just rock in general. Occasionally he’ll pick up some now pop song that he likes but other than that he just listens to music from the eighties. His all-time fav band is Guns and Roses (btw there’s a Lana Del Rey song called Guns and Roses, I’ll link it).

Tate also hates loud noises. Like he really despises and glares at the tiniest thought of it. I also have a hatred towards random loud noises. Like if I’m casually sitting and the piercing loud fire alarm goes off, I’ll jump and scream in my seat.

One last word that Tate would describe himself with is an individual. And he is quite the individual. He doesn't follow the hypothetical law of status quo and breaks free from societies so called “rules”. He has amazing ideas that could someday change the way that we humans think about out world. It’s kind of inspiring. So Tate keep skiing/running and always keep your head up. Don’t listen to what the haters have to say and charge through life with an independent and confident spirit.

A selfie of Tate. Picture courtesy of Tate Hoefler.

Monday, January 12, 2015

An Update on Isabelle Fernandez

If you keep up with my blog, you'd know that my first blog post was about Isabelle Fernandez: "The Best Spartan in the World." I've decided to do an update on some of my past blog participators.

A picture of Isabelle and I. Image
courtesy of Isabelle.
A more recent cat drawing (I think her
skills have improved).Image
courtesy of Isabelle.
So, Isabelle hasn't changed that much since I last interviewed her back in quarter 1 but there are a couple of new things to take note of. Isabelle has many more friends including a new boyfriend! Another item that has changed is that she listen to new music, but we'll get to that later. Isabelle is also planning to change her looks, so that's pretty cool.

Her music interests have actually changed to a certain extent. Now Isabelle has expanded her horizons from viking music and has become affiliated with celtic, nordic, and even some icelandic hits. But other than her foreign favs she has learned to enjoy and appreciate some more rock types. Some bands include: Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Pierce the Veil, and even some Skillet.

Isabelle really hasn't changed her ideologies but have grown on them. Her music tastes haven't changed a bit either. So overall, Isabelle is nearly the same exact person that she was in Quarter 1. She's kind, funny, individualistic, and even more wondrous than ever imagined. So kudos to Isabelle for not taking a step into the dark and instead taking a leap into the light.
Isabelle at the beach in Hawaii. Image
courtesy of Isabelle.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Morrison Haslock: "A Fanatic Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Fan"

Photo of Morrison. Courtesy of Morrison Haslock
Among various other things, Morrison Haslock is obsessed with her fandoms. Like this girl breathes, eats, and drinks her favorite T.V. shows, books, and movies. I don't think that I have ever gone five minutes talking with her where she doesn't bring up the latest Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Supernatural/ Doctor Who/Sherlock news. It's cray cray.

Anywho, Morrison is big on listening to music as well. She says that she listens to tons of different kinds of music but currently enjoys listening to Black Veil Brides the most. Morrison has a playlist on YouTube that consists of pop, alternative, punk, pop punk, screamo punk, and punk rock (I guess she really likes genres with punk in front of them).

Her fav memory is when the Harry Potter movies first started coming out. I think that her favorite part about it was the fact that the people she was with were her mom’s coworkers who were fanatically obsessed with the series. They probably filled her in with all the left out details that were in the books but not the movies. Cause I think we can all agree that the books are always better than the movies.

When Morrison is older she would love to write a novel or maybe even two. I personally could never do that. First off I don’t have enough patience to do anything close to the length of a novel, I mean it takes a lot of work for me just to sit down and write down a five hundred word long blog post. Second off I could never finish the novel. I would either get too bored or too frustrated. So I applaud Morrison greatly for having a dream as immense as that.

Once Morrison is old enough to live on her own she would enjoy living in one of these four places: Colorado, California, Rome, or Athens. I’m inferring that she wants to live in Colorado for the skiing maybe the same for California. She probably wants to live in Rome and Athens because thats where Greek and Roman mythology started which is heavily intertwined with the Percy Jackson series.

Okay this one I have to agree on. Morrison likes it when friends are honest to her and hates it when people just use her to get to other people. I love this. I don’t like it when my friends are too honest with me but the part about people using you. I couldn’t agree more. I personally have a lot of experience with kids pretending to be my friend for a month and then completely abandoning me for someone else. I’m guessing that it’s the same with Morrison.

A word that Morrison would use to describe herself if creative. Morrison paints and almost always has a sketch book with her so I couldn’t agree more. She is also an aspiring author, and writes impeccable work. Morrison is a great friend and everyone should truly get to know her.