Friday, November 21, 2014

Ava Hamilton: "A Spiritual Helper"

Ah, the mesmerizingly fantastic Ava Hamilton. A daughter of an airline pilot and of a flight attendant. She was born into an airborne family.  I met Ava back in sixth grade when we both had band together. The first thing I noticed was that she was extremely tall. (I was scared to approach her.) But thankfully for me we started talking and become almost instantaneous friends. She is sweet and warmhearted with a touch of sass.

During her almost endless free time (because her parents are always away), she engages in the following hobbies: reading her favorite books, listening or finding new and swaggy music, and of course slowly becoming a world champion softball player. She also partakes in karate and is currently a gold belt.

A selfie from Ava. Photo Curtesy: Ava Hamilton
Ava’s all time dearest memory is the time that she went to her friend’s beach house. She was really young but doesn’t quite remember the age. She was with her best friend Cheyanna and basically what happened was that there was a tub of cookie dough. I think that you could guess what happened after they found it. Here’s a hint: they ate every last bit of uncooked yumminess. Ava and Cheyanna were also in a bathtub while gorging down the cookie dough. The next day, the two of them were throwing up their stomachs.

Ava is extremely music obsessed. I mean you always see her with an earbud in one ear. I bet that her playlist is nearly infinite. Currently her favorite bands consist of Abandon All Ships or Ghost Town. Apparently her bands change frequently.

One thing that Ava wants do when she’s older is to help people. But her best bet for a career choice is to do Reiki and card readings. So, Ava is connected with the spiritual side of things.

Okay this one is pretty cool. When she is older, Ava wants to live, "In a long sleeve weather, rainy, cloudy town.” Those were her exact words and I personally want to live in a place exactly like that description.

A word that Ava would use to describe herself is weird. Being weird is kind of what I’m all about. Not fitting in to the status quo and being a wallflower is literally what I live for. So being weird is actually amazingly awesome. Being weird is a perfect reason for befriending someone.

Ava hates the word perfect. I mean she hates that word. She claims that the word’s definition changes from person to person. But some things that Ava loves are cuddling, her dogs Duce and Roxy, and her friends. That should show you how loving she truly is.

Ava is literally the most loyal and kind friend that you could ask for. She can inspire your creative mind with just one word. Ava is an imaginative writer and can take your breath away using words. She can have an extremely positive impact on a wallowing life. Ava is a hard worker when she applies herself and can accomplish numerous things.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Parker Ivers: "The Swimming Engineer"

Here he is, the one and only Parker Ivers.  A swimmer/occasional mountain biker with a unique attitude. He’s a friend of mine that I have shared many memories with. For example, our English class last year with the terrifyingly fun Ms. Hooker.

I went to Lagoon with him and a couple of other friends once.  Parker and I were waiting in line for the tube slide thing and In the line we sassed a young girl who was being mean to her sweet innocent little brother. Parker and I decided to help the boy out and contradict his dictating older sister.

We were all like, “hey, stop being so mean to him.”

Apparently that made her mad and she responded with, “yo, get out of my face you old freaks.”

First off, we were only like a couple of years older than the girl and we were just trying to help the poor guy out. So then we continued to get the girl angrier and angrier until she finally went on the ride. We thankfully never saw her again.
Parker’s role model is his epic mom. Like seriously though she's super cool. Parker’s mom works in the front office at Ecker and She helps the kids who trickle in and out of the office with whatever they need.

His most praised hobbies include: swimming on the PCHS team, playing video games indefinitely, and watching his favorite shows and movies on the television. I have vivid memories of sleeping over at his house and watching his seemingly endless collection of movies. Parker’s favorite singer (following in the footsteps of a previous person on this blog) is Cher. Yes, the infamous Cher. Parker is also currently in Robotics Club so when he’s older he would love to be a robotics engineer.

Now, Parker’s all time favorite memory is when he finished his swimming race and saw that he made a state time. I know that feeling as well. The feeling of accomplishment and success. After finishing my own races and I see my time and place, a wave of happiness hits me. So I know what Parker means when he says that this is his favorite memory. It’s a feeling that you really can’t replace with anything else. Because for once you have accomplished something in this cruel and judgmental world.

One last thing, Parker is mentally insane about cats. He has dozens of cat shirts and cat trinkets. He has several cats of his own that he loves more than life itself. I swear that his world revolves around those cats. He practically knows everything to know about our feline friends.

Parker's cat Max. Photo curtesy of Parker Ivers
Parker is a fantastic friend that will inspire all. He describes himself using the mundane word fun. I would rather use the word joviality. Parker is so much "fun" to hang out with and talk to. If you want a happy friend who will watch movies with you than he’s the guy for you.