Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Signs That You Were Born & Raised in a Ski Town

The mountains are not only my paradise but also my home. Way back in the age of dinosours my parents relocated from the flattest place on Earth: Minnesota, to the bumpiest: Park City. They came for the powder, for the exquisite nature, but mostly for the powder. And they wanted their children to share their affection of snow with them. So my mom helped me build snowmen to build an apprecation for this white gold and my father built record-breaking sledding tracks for me to break as many bones as possible probably. And for whatever reason my admiration for the mountains has always stuck. And all of us native skiers share these following traits:

1. Tourists Are the Most Maddening Objects in Human Existence
Imagine this scenario: it's an absolutely wondrous day on the mountain; the skies are blue, powder is abundant and there's practically no one around, the world is serene and still. Then, out of the blue, a forty something year old, beer bellied bloke in a neon pink and purple full body suit comes whooping and hollering with his gazillion children. Then this man has the nerve to jovially walk up to you and exclaim where he's from; West Texas and that he hasn't skied since the 80s. And you just glare at him. He asks for directions towards the lodge, grudgingly you tell him to literally just ski down the mountain. But the worst is when the tourist acts like they're a local. Ugghhhhhh just stop! This is a pretty extreme example of a tourist but basically they're way too happy, ask too many questions, and most need some serious fashion tips. But tourists boost the town's economy so they're  okay I guess.
Tourists. Photo courtesy of

2. You Honestly Don't Understand Why People Don't Like Winter
Me when winter rolls around. Photo courtesy of
It's okay if winter isn't your number one season, but if someone says that they hate winter, let's just say that I'm done talking to you. I get it, you've lived in SoCal your entire life, you've never experienced a winter storm or 60 below weather. But don't be coming up here yelling how much you hate the cold and snow when you are literally surrounded by at least 1,000 skiers. What these people need to understand is that with winter comes amazing things. For example, snow and snow equals immense joy from fresh pow skiing. Sure it may be like 11 below, but that's why jackets are a thing, where one.

3. You Have an Unique Childhood
Most people's favorite childhood memories consist of hot summer days and bright purple popsicles. But a ski kid's favorite memory is always on a snowy winter's day sledding or rolling in the fluff (at least it is for me). And the pre-teen days are full of you and your friends piling into your mom's subaru outback and heading up to the resort. And then in high school all you want to do is stare out the window and watch the snowflakes gently land. Then once you're finally in college you can't really relate to anyone's childhood of going to the beach and waterpark because you never went anywhere like that (your parent's reasoning were that you already live in a vacation hotspot). But your childhood is truly unique and it's what made you, you!

4. You Have Some Immense Pride For Your Hometown
When someone asks a native skier where they're from, they better be ready to be bombarded with a lot of information. Because growing up in a mountain town is pretty distinct, and you're proud of that. So you love talking about where your from. You can talk about your high school's unique social hierarchy (alpine skiers on top and the winter haters on the bottom), how you were raised in a log cabin deep in the woods, and of course your love of snow!

5. You'll Always Want to Come Back
Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of going to a big city. And one day I went! But I realized after a while of being among the hustle and bustle of the city, I wanted to go back to my sleepy little pine tree covered town. You'll begin to miss the slow moving atmosphere and friendly people. You'll

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Transition?

As my 10th grade year begins, I've realized that I truly have enjoyed writing on this digital website. And as much as I do like writing about my closest friends, I have also come to realize that I've ran out of friends to write about. And I know what you're thinking, "Well Karsten why don't you make new friends?" Well you see I'm extremely socially awkward and plus my social anxiety levels peak each time I start a conversation... so yeah. But I do just adore writing on this thingy (plus it would be great to look back on this when I'm old and grey and laugh hysterically at my teenage self.) So ima continue this blog and just write about my adventures/obsessions/environmental rants. Because since it's so hard for me to get out what I'm trying to say through speech, I'll just do it with typing I guess. And even if no one will reads my posts, well I simply do not care cuz this whole writing thing has become a stress reliever. So yeah I hope people will keep reading this thing but if not oh well cuz I think it's a blast! Btw I think the new name for this blog should be called The Nordic Hippie. So yeah thanks for reading!
Maybe a new background photo? Photo courtesy of

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Reflection and Predicting My Future

This post is gonna be a wee bit different than my usual posts. I'm gonna reflect on how I've changed throughout my ninth grade year at Treasure Mountain Junior High. Cause what isn't more fun than to read/write that?

At the beginning of this year I was really unsure of who I wanted to be once my seemingly endless days of being a teenager ended. I knew that I wanted to leave Utah and travel to a place where I can find people who are more like me but I had no clue as to where that place would be or who those people are. But as the year progressed I became more familiar of what I wanted to do. And I've also found people who I relate to and feel comfortable being myself around. And thanks to endless google map searching, I've found the perfect area to live. The Pacific North West! I don't really know where in the PCW yet but anywhere from San Francisco up is good for me! And after being invited and going to an environmental film festival (thanks Faith!) I've discovered what I wanna do with my life. I wanna do something with ecology and human impact and basically just saving the Earth. So yeah I guess you could say that I've changed and realized what my path truly is.

And I guess you could say that I'm more in touch with my free spirited side after this year. I've always been a kind of a rule follower and a subject to societal norms, but after this past year I have become more adventurous. Before, I went on long trail runs to get a workout, but now I go on trail runs to get lost (and to get a workout). To get lost both mentally and physically. I love to just get lost in my thoughts and when I go running I can get totally misplaced in my head thinking about what my life truly means and such. And there's been plenty of times where I have just gotten completely disoriented and on a completely new trail, so I call my dad (who's an avid mountain biker and has probably been on every trail ever) and we figure out a way back home. So yeah, I guess I've changed in the way that I've become more acceptable to the idea of being free.
A picture that I took this year in California. And idk I just like this photo. I was
adventuring when I took this photo so I guess it relates to my this post.

And like every year of my existence, I have gotten to know myself a little better. I'm so happy to be on this absolutely glorious planet. And another year here has just heightened my fascination in living. So that was how I've changed this year, I hope I didn't bore you into your inevitable death. Thanks for coming along with me on my ninth grade blog journey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Update on Faith Staley! "Give Peace a Chance"

Faith styling withs some sick shades and a
little sister. Selfie courtesy of Faith Staley.

Now I know I've done like literally thousands of blog posts on Faith Staley but she's fun to write about so let's do it again shall we. My first initial post about Faith was probably back in quarter one or like quarter two so it has been awhile. So let's begin with what has changed in Faith's life since the last interview.

The Snapchat captions says it all. Selfie
courtesy of Faith Staley.
Faith's family has adopted a new puppy named Rosie. And let me tell you I love puppies! If I could take a bath in puppies I totally would. So when I heard that Faith was getting a puppy I basically squealed out of pure joy. Now raising puppy is not as cute as a puppy itself. So when I got my puppy I had to clean up a lot of her "accidents" so to speak. And now Faith has gotten accustomed to doing that as well. Animals are weirdly like extremely sassy and strangely jealous when a new pet comes along. So I wasn't surprised to hear that Faith's kitty (Lizzy) has been meaner than usual. So now Faith has a lot more scratches which is new. Another change is that Faith rearranged her room which actually isn't that     unusual. But still extremely amazing. You can read more about her spontaneous room reconfigurings here.

Some new addictions that Faith has developed are mainly focused on new musicians. Now you probably know this artist quite well Winds of Change (it's pretty A+++ tbh.) And there's another band that she's been listening to a lot more than before and that band is the ever glorious band called City and Colour.
from his undoubtedly famous song: Riptide. But Faith absolutely adores another song by him called

Yep so thats it for this blog entry and I hoped you enjoyed learning a little bit about what's happening with Faith's erratic and hectic life.

Monday, May 4, 2015

An Update on Morrison Haslock! "A Fanatic Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Fan"

Morrison in her natural habitat just
chilling and such. Photo courtesy of
Morrison Haslock.
The last time that I interviewed Morrison was so long ago I don't even remember doing it. But alas I did, and I thought that it was time to write another post on this hardcore fandom obsessor.
First off, Morrison is still quite obsessed with all of her past T.V. shows and books and such, but she does have a couple of new things that she likes as well. This includes the newest Avengers movie (god it was the best tbh) and so now she breaths, eats, and drinks DC comics/Marvel comics ever since she saw that truly wondrous movie. But along with her newest addictions, she still has her old  ones as well. I mean she still loves Harry Potter (it's a true classic if you ask me) and she also still enjoys Percy Jackson fanatically. So she still the same ol' Morrison.

Morrison has also started to draw a lot more frequently than she used to. Most of her works are inspired by her fav T.V. shows and movies. And all of them are of people as well. This girl carries her sketch book practically everywhere and is always showing me some work (and they're all really good tbh). I personally can't draw a anything even close to a human without the head being way to ovally shaped and the eyes to look like demented eggs. And my trees just look like green blobs on top of overly thick and long sticks. So yeah, props to you Morrie!

Well I do hope that that was fun and satisfying for you to read. I mean cause it sure was a blast to write! I hope that y'all will come back to some more of my posts, thanks!

A drawing that Morrison did of a character she created named
Lena. Photo courtesy of Morrison Haslock.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Chloe Geddes: "A True Animal Lover"

An adorbs cat! Courtesy of Barts and The London.
Chloe is a bright individual with a big personality. She has strong opinion and a gargantuan spot in her heart for animals. Chloe loves cats, like I mean she really, really loves cats. She would probably be a cat if she was given the opportunity. She even stated that her biggest inspiration is her pet cat. That is one seriously different individual.

But anywho, Chloe loves her horses along with her cats. In fact, her favorite memory was the time that her little bitty baby horse crossed a stream for the first time.  And Chloe remembers that tingling sensation called being proud because her horse finally faced their fear and had a blast enduring it. But besides for that memory, she has a couple more that she absolutely adores. Chloe also loved the day that her cat came home for the first time and she got to name him. Oh how I love the feeling getting a new pet! You just feel so happy and all you wanna do is, hug and cuddle and kiss your new family member until they've had enough of it. But the best part is naming them. You can truly make your animal feel welcomed by giving them a personal name that means so much to you. Or it can just be a name that you love. But anywho, Chloe also likes the day that her war with a squirrel began.

Another thing about Chloe is that she is obsessed with Disney. Like you could ask this girl anything about Disney and she would tell you lickety-split. But she does not enjoy swear words (me too, unless their added for comedic effect). And one more activity that she an intense passion for is adventuring. I too love adventuring! I just feel so free and I'm filled with glee from top to bottom. But Chloe love to adventure with the animals that she loves, which is fun as well. But anyways, I love getting lost in the woods, and honestly I think that trying to find my way back is the best part. It's just such a blast cause at the beginning you don't know where you're gonna end up, and I just love that feeling.

When Chloe is older, she wants to live in a place with lots of trees and a lot of snow. So basically, she wants to live in a place like Park City. And want she wants to do as a job is actually pretty interesting. She would adore being a world class spy.

So, all in all Chloe is an amazing and truly fascinating human. She is a hardcore animal lover and a gritty adventurer. She battles with squirrels and cuddles with cats. Chloe is a disney obsessor with a big soft spot in her heart for her furry friends.

Friday, March 27, 2015

15 Questions for Jeff Pack

Welcome to the last part of my little social experiment. The last person that I chose to give 15 questions is Jeff Pack. It was in quarter one when I last wrote something about him. And as far as I know, Jeff is still a gargantuan fan of Cher. So let's get onto the responses!

1. If you had to date one male celebrity who would it be and why?
Jeff would date Chris Evans simply for the reason that he's Captain America. I mean, dating a superhero wouldn't be so bad.

2. If you had to date one female celebrity who would it be and why?
I was actually extremely surprised when Jeff said that he would date Jennifer Lawrence instead of Cher. I mean like what has happened to him? But then he explained himself by saying that he wouldn't date Cher because she couldn't have kids (which makes sense I guess). And I guess Jennifer Lawrence is his second fav female celeb.

3. Would you rather live at the South Pole or at the North Pole
He would rather live in the North Pole (he'll be near Canada eh).

4. If you only had to eat one thing for the rest of your days what would it be and why?
Jeff made it very clear that he would DRINK his all time fav drink:
Diet Coke. This makes sense since he sends me daily snapchats of his Diet Coke addiction.

5. What was the last lie you told?
Another very typical teenage response, "I don't have any homework."

6. What is your ideal pizza?
This a new fav pizza, barbecue chicken from the Snake River Brewery in Jackson, WY.  I'm kind of surprised that we got no just cheese responses.

7. What was your first thought this morning?
"I need more sleep," that's a good one (I need more sleep too).

8. If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?
Jeff would be 25 years of age. Kind of interesting that both Jeff and Ava said ages in the twenties, while Faith said that she'd be nine.

9. What cheers you up?
Typical Jeff said, "Diet Coke."

10. Have you ever eaten a crayon or glue?
He made it very clear to me when he said NO to this question (kind of suspicious if you ask me).

11. What is your favorite word?
Jeff's favorite word isn't an English word. It's a Spanish word, the word is tonto. Which I guess means stupid (I take Chinese so I didn't know this). I guess its not the kindest word ever but whatever.

12. What is your least favorite word?
The word frivolous is Jeff's least favorite word. He just hates the way it sounds. And frivolous means (according to the Apple dictionary) is not having any serious purpose are value.

One of Jeff's favorite pictures from Wyoming. There are the
Tetons. Photo courtesy of
13. If you had to named after a city or area, what city or area would it be?
Jeff loves the great state of Wyoming, and he would love to be named after an area there.

14. Have you ever had any relatives in jail?
Once again he has typed this word in a capitalized state. It's the word of NO.

15. Mountains or the beach?
And once more its MOUNTAINS. Typical Parkite.

That's it! Some very interesting responses. I hope that was entertaining to read, cause it was definitely entertaining to write!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

15 Questions for Ava Hamilton

So here's part 2 of the 15 questions posts. I decided to do this one on another past blog honorary: Ava Hamilton. Now you may remember her as the "Spiritual Helper". But let's see what she says when I give her the same 15 questions that I gave Faith. So, here we go!

Chris Pine stunting it. Photo courtesy of
1. If you had to date one male celebrity who would it be and why?
Ava would absolutely love to date the one and the only Chris Pine. And it's because he is very attractive. Plus he also looks really funny on all of his gifs in his interviews.

2. If you had to date one female celebrity who would it be and why?
She doesn't know. Ava doesn't know which celebrity because they're all too amazing.

3. Would you rather live at the South Pole or at the North Pole
Ava would much rather live at the South Pole because it is simply just more redneck (in theory). I mean, I don't hate that.

4. If you only had to eat one thing for the rest of your day what would it be and why?
Noodles. Ava would obviously eat noodles because they are the so-called bomb.

5. What's your least favorite word?
Isabelle. This'll make more sense once we move onto question nĂºmero 12.

6. What is your ideal pizza?
So this next one is kind of interesting. Both Faith and Ava love their pineapples on pizza apparently. Cause they both wrote the same thing for this question.

7. What was your first though this morning?
Ava's first thought this morning was, "What day is it?" And, "Why do I have to go to school?" Those sound like the most stereotypical teenager thoughts ever.

8. If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?
She would be 21. Simply for the reason to be drunk and then get videotaped (interesting person).

9. What cheers you up?
A thing that cheers Ava up when she's feeling down is looking up completely random and unrelated things on the world wide web.

10. Have you ever eaten a crayon or glue?
"Yes . . . don't remind me." That's her exact response, and its just perfect.

11. What is your favorite word?
Ava's favorite word is whatever noise that she makes up during a day.

12. What was the last lie that you told?
The last lie that Ava was what you read previously in question number five. She stated that her least favorite word was Isabelle (probably the name Isabelle, as in Isabelle
Fernandez, one of Ava's closest friends). But Ava actually doesn't hate Isabelle she instead, "Loves her."

13. If you had to named after a city or area, what city or area would it be?
Ava would enjoy being named after Moon, Pennsylvania. It's part of the Pittsburg metropolitan area, and it actually has a surprisingly large population.

14. Have you ever had any relatives in jail?
Ava says that she has had relatives in jail. But then again who doesn't? Well Faith Staley doesn't.

15. Mountains or the beach?
The mountains, no doubt the usual Parkite response.

So that was fun! Well at least I hope that it was fun for y'all, but if it wasn't fun, then oh well I guess.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rose Mclaughlin: "A Ninja Combined With a Super Genius"

Rose in Portland at Powell's Books.
Photo Courtesy of Rose Mclaughlin.
I have known Rose Mclaughlin for quite some time now, and she has never ceased to impress me. I mean she knows whats up when it comes to achieving goals. Like she's a literal ninja, masterfully combined with a super genius. Like why can't this girl share her talent with the rest of the general population? But she's a totally awesome person and a great friend as well.

I'll start things off with Rose's biggest inspiration. She says that it's a girl who does karate like herself. Her name is Maxine. Maxine is very short but still fights girls who are a lot taller than her. But that does not change had attitude what so ever. But what Rose likes the most about maxine, is that she's a very confident and strong woman.

When Rose is older and even a stronger and more independent woman, she would love to become a children's psychologist. That sounds awesome to me! I mean I would love to help people but I have this huge problem with seeing bloods and guts that I just can't get over. And that's why Rose wants to become a psychologist, to help people without seeing all of the other icky and gross parts. Rose would also love to live in Portland, Oregon. Now, if you've read my bio, then you would know that I too share that same dream of living in that gorgeous town. It has A+++ donuts at Voodoo's donuts and also like the largest bookstore in the country. So I mean who wouldn't wanna live there?

A word to describe Rose: bibliomaniac. This girl loves her books more than anything else in this world. Like I bet if I were to name all of the books that I have read in the past, she could probably do a quick synopsis of each lickety-split. So she mainly spends her time reading. But if she's not reading then you would probably find her watch America's/Britain's Got Talent clips on YouTube, or she'll be enjoying The Voice (team Adam all the way)!

Rose love and hates a lot of things. She loves to read, partake in karate, and sitting quietly in her room (probably with a book) without any annoying siblings. And Rose hates, annoying people, and people who have this messed up vision that they're special or whatever. See, Rose has definitely got it figured it out. But besides for the fact that she know what's up, she is also amazingly nice and is awesomely talented.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

15 Questions for Faith Staley

It's been quite some time since I've done a post on Faith Staley (I think it was like 1st quarter or something). So I came up with this idea called "15 questions" where I ask a person 15 completely random and stupid questions and the person has to answer. I thought it would be a fun psychological experiment or something to see different people's responses. So, here we go! (These are kind of direct responses from the people)

1. If you had to date one male celebrity who would it be and why?
Faith said that she'd date Aidan Turner because he's very good looking.

2. If you had to date one female celebrity who would it be and why?
Faith would date Sarah Hyland because like Aidan Turner, she's very good looking (she also knows how to tap dance).

3. Would you rather live at the South Pole or at the North Pole
The South Pole because penguins are "rad".

4. If you only had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
Faith would eat any kind of soup because soup is very tastefully pleasing.

5. What was the last lie you told?
The last lie that little ol Faith told was at a dance competition. She told this girl that she was bad at hair buns, but Faith is actually really amazing when it comes to big fancy ballet buns. She told this fib so the girl would feel better about her own hair.

6. What is your ideal pizza?
Faith's ideal pizza is cheese, tomato, and pineapple (delicious!)

7. What was your first though this morning?
Faith's first thought this morning was, "Can they please shut up?!" Apparently Faith's father and her little sister Willoughby were having a very loud conversation right outside of Faith's door in the morning. I would be angry too.

8. If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?
She would be nine which is the prime elementary year.

9. What cheers you up?
Faith is quite the creator. I mean on the way up to Jackson she crocheted a warm hat to wear. So one activity that creates happiness in her is to make things. The Beatles also make her ever so joyful. And one last item that makes Faith happy is glitter, she's obsessed with the stuff.

10. Have you ever eaten a crayon or glue?
Faith says that she has never eaten a crayon or glue but has ingested a lot of glitter.

11. What is your favorite word?
Her all time fav word is defenestrate, and it means to throw something out of a window. For example, I defenestrated your laptop outside of a window and hit the neighbor's cat.

12. What is your least favorite word?
Well Faith tries not to be "word discriminatory
" but if she was forced to choose a word she would choose a word that is harmful towards others.

13. If you had to named after a city or area, what city or area would it be?
Faith would love to be named after a galaxy. It's the galaxy Andromeda and then she thinks that Jupiter's moon Callisto would be cool to be named after.

14. Have you ever had any relatives in jail?
Not that she knows of...

15. Mountains or the beach?
The mountains of course! (the beach is overrated tbh)

Well that was actually a lot of fun to write! Hopefully I'll do another post like this one on somebody else. Who knows? I mean, the world may never know.
A galaxy of Andromeda since Faith is a star child. Photo courtesy of

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ava Blackner: "A Serious Horse Addict"

Ava on her absolutely gorgeous horse.
Photo courtesy of Ava Blackner.
Ava Blackner has a unique persona. She comes off quiet and shy but then once you get to know her, it's like her alter ego comes out. She's loud, talkative, and even pretty hilarious. So I guess that that's just another example of what can happen when you take the chance to get to know a person. And I think that she's just a little bit too obsessed with horses (then again, maybe I'm just a little too obsessed with Lana). I personally don't have that much experience with the majestic creature, but I do know that they are A+ companions. Like I think the only reason that Ava tries in school is so her parents won't take away her horse privileges.

When Ava is older she would love to live in the great state/peninsula of Florida. I can't live in Florida because I have curly hair and the humidity would make it look like a truffula tree. But the state is still absolutely wondrous! And I hear they have some pretty gargantuan alligators roaming the streets, so thats always fun. Plus there’s DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. Florida is also freaking gorgeous!

On another note, when Ava gets to that mature age she would either enjoy being an actor or a horse trainer. The acting business is a toughie, but I bet that she could make it. I think that we all could have guess that horse training is one her top job choices. But it still sounds like a fun job because you get to be surrounded by your favorite animal literally all day. But to be totally honest, I think that’d she be perfect at both jobs.

Ava's all time fav artist is the legendary band Fifth Harmony. Oh my gosh I love their music so much! It's like real good. She’s also really fascinated in classic cars. Classic cars are always so stylish and just simply fabulous. Like there’s always this element of simplicity that is just crazy good. And they’re fast too, maybe even faster than modern day cars.

A memory that Ava loves the most is the first time she rode a horse. I’m sure that that is a very special day for Ava because she discovered something that she was passionate for. I still remember the day when the idea clicked that I enjoyed cross country skiing. It’s something that can change your ideals in life. Like if Ava didn’t take that first ride with a horse, she would probably be a completely different person today.

One of Ava’s largest inspiration is the actor John Wayne. John Wayne is known as a star in Western Films. And he seemed like a pretty cool guy. I think that its cool that Ava is interested in people who lived in the early twentieth century. 

A thing that Ava absolutely hates is taking tests. I also hate taking tests. I mean there is just so much pressure for you to do well. And I feel when you do bad on tests, so many people are disappointed in you. So I get it when Ava says that she dislikes taking tests.

All in all, Ava is one cool chick. I mean she’s funny, encouraged, and exuberantly nice. Everyone should become friends with her because of those reasons. Keep up your ambitions Ava, and never ever in a million years, give up.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Update on Ren (Jacky) Brian! "The Individualistic Artist"

Ren in Geography. Photo Courtesy of Ren Brian.
You all remember that post that I did on Jacky Brian right? Well here's a little kind of update on her. Btw Jacky is trying to go by Ren so we should all start calling her that. She likes it because its cute and gender neutral, so that's fun! Ren has also been dressing in a more androgynes style too.

Okay I'm really proud to say that Ren has been listening to a lot of Lana lately. If you don't know who  Lana well then man, you are really missing out! Here are my three favorite songs by her #1 #2 #3. But besides from Lana, she listens to the new Fall Out Boy album named American Beauty/American Psycho.  She also like the bands Flatsound, The Front Bottoms, and The Story So Far. Those are some pretty A+ musical artists in my opinion.

Some food that Ren loves are mint chip ice scream. Which is just A-MAZ-ING! Ooohhh my gosh I love it so much and so does Ren. She says that she eats it constantly. A drink that Ren enjoys is Ramune. Its like this Japanese drink that you can buy at World Market.

Well anyways, Ren is still a fantastic person. She's both inspiring and spontaneously funny. She's still that amazing friend who everyones jealous of. So uh, go Ren!
Ren sporting som comfy flannel. Photo Courtesy of Ren Brian.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Roni Miller: "A Super Smart Introvert"

A pretty great selfie if I do says so myself.
Photo courtesy of Roni Miller.
Roni Miller is quite the fascinating individual. There is always a unique aura that surrounds her. Roni's biggest inspiration is her best friend who has the beautiful name of Fiona. Roni states that she is her biggest inspiration because Fiona always knows what to do when something happens and she can make anyone feel better (that sounds like a pretty grade A friend to me, I don't know about you).

One of Roni's favorite activities is listening to her fav music. Roni listens to a gargantuan variety of genres and artists. But she says that if she absolutely had to choose her favorite, she would pick Eminem. This is because his lyrics have such an in-depth meaning and he isn't really that cliche, as she puts it. I personally don't enjoy rap music, but I do know that Eminem's lyrics are just so extremely inspirational and just simply beautiful.

Roni says that when she's older she would love to go into cardiothoracic surgery. That is one weird spelling and it comes up as misspelled when I type it, but I looked it up and it's legit. Roni says that that this type of surgery is mainly focused on the heart and lungs plus the other miscellaneous organs in the chest. And my goodness is Roni ambitious. She wants to get a PHD and a doctoral degree. Gosh, I do not have enough patience to go to school for that long. So I give props to you Roni! 

So this next part is not a typical response on my blog. When Roni is older she wants to stay in Park City. Usually people say somewhere exotic and uber fancy. But I would absolutely love to stay here. I mean the nature is just so wondrous and the people here are actually pretty chill. 

Is it okay to quote in blog posts? Well I sure don’t know but I’m going to just put this next story in quotes because it’s perfect the way it’s written. Well I’ll just change it a little bit I guess. So Roni’s favorite memory is, “When she was with her cousins one late night, and they were trying to jump over on their beds (they're small beds). When her older cousin jumped she caught her foot on the side of the mattress and pulled it off the bed, but she had already started running across the small room so she had to jump OVER the mattress and somehow landed under her leg trapping Roni while she laid in a clothes basket. Roni’s younger cousin jumped with Roni so she fell on the other side of her older cousin trapping her. So they ended up in an unintentional human knot with Roni stomach down against a vertical mattress and everyone else trapped by something.” That is quite some story.

If Roni had to use one word to describe herself she would choose introverted. She says that this is because she can never trust anyone and she’s lost deep in thought a lot. This is a perfect word for Roni. It does almost always feel as if she’s thinking about some hardcore stuff. So Roni is an ultra smart introvert. I think that that is a pretty awesome description.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tracy Kucherak: "The Blonde Speed Demon"

I think that we could all agree when I say that Tracy Kucherak has this constant aura of positivity circling her at literally all times. Which is quite an accomplishment considering how messed up this world is. Ooh and shout out to calling her friends her biggest inspirations. Like well thank you Tracy. But that is seriously epic that Tracy calls her friends her biggest inspiration (imma cri). Yep that pretty much sums up how great of a friend she is.

Tracy is a hardcore sports enthusiast. I still vividly remember the day she showed up to nordic skiing training. It was in the summer and she came along with this girl named Savanna. Well that day we just so happened to be roller skiing up the UOP hill. Like it's this girl's first time nordic skiing ever and she's freaking going up a hill that can make olympians cry. Insane. Well since that day her technique in skiing has improved tremendously and has even won herself a couple of races (she has only been skiing for a like a year btw).

Another thing that Tracy partakes in (like Isabelle) is cross country running. And let me tell y'all she also rocks at that. She's gotten first place for the team in a couple of meets which is pretty cool. But what I think is pretty sick is that Tracy actually loves running. She has this unique passion for it. And being a runner myself, I know how much it hurts. I know the literal sweat and pain that comes from it. The sport takes so much out of you and so much dedication. And let me tell you, I actually don't enjoy racing running. I mean don't get me wrong, I love going on like two hour runs getting lost in the woods. But racing running, well it just ain't for me. So the fact that Tracy has that kind of commitment to running, it's kind of inspiring.

I think there is a common theme in the people featured on this blog is that they all hate the same thing: judgmental people. I couldn't agree more that judgmental people are just complete idiots who are just keeping our generation/world from success. Tracy has this same philosophy as well.

When Tracy is a full working citizen she would absolutely love to live somewhere in the West. And I can understand why, I mean the West has a more varied landscape and more diverse people and stuff. She is also just dying to be either a marine biologist or pediatrician. Kind of polar opposites but whatever floats your boat I guess. Those careers sound pretty amazing to me.

Tracy is a fantabulous friend that I love hanging around with. She's kind, pretty, and fast. Which is pretty much the perfect combo. I think that nearly everyone at our audacious school has been friends with her at least once in their lives. She is just so inviting and you can't help but be friends
with her.
Model status, Imma right ladies? Photo courtesy of Faith Staley

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tate Hoefler: "A Running/Nordic Skiing Rockstar"

How would I explain Tate Hoefler in five hundred words? Well I'd start with that he is a fantastic skier and he also runs as a side sport. But other than his sports Tate is a wondrous person. A Vermont native with extreme pride for his state. Like if you bring up anything involving the Patriots, maple syrup, and Vermont in general, he will go into a harangue of why the Northeast is the best part of the United States. Once Tate is older he would love to live in his hometown. That town is Williston, Vermont. When Tate is older he would like to go into one of two things. Either sales or engineering. I think that Tate would succeed pretty well in either one. 

Also another thing about him is that he is overly obsessed with the Patriots. I think he wears a Patriot's jersey two out of five days each week. He knows everything there is to know about the Patriots. It's cray cray.

Tate's biggest inspiration isn't a person. It's and idea. The idea that everything is possible. It's quite an inspiring idea. And I think that Tate follows this philosophy pretty well. Like he has these eccentric ideas about the craziest things. Like once he proposed to me the ideal candy bar. And it honestly sounded pretty life changing. So stay ahead of your time Tate!

Tate’s really proud of the kind of music that he likes. He mainly listens to classic rock or just rock in general. Occasionally he’ll pick up some now pop song that he likes but other than that he just listens to music from the eighties. His all-time fav band is Guns and Roses (btw there’s a Lana Del Rey song called Guns and Roses, I’ll link it).

Tate also hates loud noises. Like he really despises and glares at the tiniest thought of it. I also have a hatred towards random loud noises. Like if I’m casually sitting and the piercing loud fire alarm goes off, I’ll jump and scream in my seat.

One last word that Tate would describe himself with is an individual. And he is quite the individual. He doesn't follow the hypothetical law of status quo and breaks free from societies so called “rules”. He has amazing ideas that could someday change the way that we humans think about out world. It’s kind of inspiring. So Tate keep skiing/running and always keep your head up. Don’t listen to what the haters have to say and charge through life with an independent and confident spirit.

A selfie of Tate. Picture courtesy of Tate Hoefler.

Monday, January 12, 2015

An Update on Isabelle Fernandez

If you keep up with my blog, you'd know that my first blog post was about Isabelle Fernandez: "The Best Spartan in the World." I've decided to do an update on some of my past blog participators.

A picture of Isabelle and I. Image
courtesy of Isabelle.
A more recent cat drawing (I think her
skills have improved).Image
courtesy of Isabelle.
So, Isabelle hasn't changed that much since I last interviewed her back in quarter 1 but there are a couple of new things to take note of. Isabelle has many more friends including a new boyfriend! Another item that has changed is that she listen to new music, but we'll get to that later. Isabelle is also planning to change her looks, so that's pretty cool.

Her music interests have actually changed to a certain extent. Now Isabelle has expanded her horizons from viking music and has become affiliated with celtic, nordic, and even some icelandic hits. But other than her foreign favs she has learned to enjoy and appreciate some more rock types. Some bands include: Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Pierce the Veil, and even some Skillet.

Isabelle really hasn't changed her ideologies but have grown on them. Her music tastes haven't changed a bit either. So overall, Isabelle is nearly the same exact person that she was in Quarter 1. She's kind, funny, individualistic, and even more wondrous than ever imagined. So kudos to Isabelle for not taking a step into the dark and instead taking a leap into the light.
Isabelle at the beach in Hawaii. Image
courtesy of Isabelle.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Morrison Haslock: "A Fanatic Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Fan"

Photo of Morrison. Courtesy of Morrison Haslock
Among various other things, Morrison Haslock is obsessed with her fandoms. Like this girl breathes, eats, and drinks her favorite T.V. shows, books, and movies. I don't think that I have ever gone five minutes talking with her where she doesn't bring up the latest Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Supernatural/ Doctor Who/Sherlock news. It's cray cray.

Anywho, Morrison is big on listening to music as well. She says that she listens to tons of different kinds of music but currently enjoys listening to Black Veil Brides the most. Morrison has a playlist on YouTube that consists of pop, alternative, punk, pop punk, screamo punk, and punk rock (I guess she really likes genres with punk in front of them).

Her fav memory is when the Harry Potter movies first started coming out. I think that her favorite part about it was the fact that the people she was with were her mom’s coworkers who were fanatically obsessed with the series. They probably filled her in with all the left out details that were in the books but not the movies. Cause I think we can all agree that the books are always better than the movies.

When Morrison is older she would love to write a novel or maybe even two. I personally could never do that. First off I don’t have enough patience to do anything close to the length of a novel, I mean it takes a lot of work for me just to sit down and write down a five hundred word long blog post. Second off I could never finish the novel. I would either get too bored or too frustrated. So I applaud Morrison greatly for having a dream as immense as that.

Once Morrison is old enough to live on her own she would enjoy living in one of these four places: Colorado, California, Rome, or Athens. I’m inferring that she wants to live in Colorado for the skiing maybe the same for California. She probably wants to live in Rome and Athens because thats where Greek and Roman mythology started which is heavily intertwined with the Percy Jackson series.

Okay this one I have to agree on. Morrison likes it when friends are honest to her and hates it when people just use her to get to other people. I love this. I don’t like it when my friends are too honest with me but the part about people using you. I couldn’t agree more. I personally have a lot of experience with kids pretending to be my friend for a month and then completely abandoning me for someone else. I’m guessing that it’s the same with Morrison.

A word that Morrison would use to describe herself if creative. Morrison paints and almost always has a sketch book with her so I couldn’t agree more. She is also an aspiring author, and writes impeccable work. Morrison is a great friend and everyone should truly get to know her.