Karsten Beling: "A Nordic Hippie"

Me with my buddy's dog
Hi my name would be Karsten. I am quite shy and I never really talk (I'm working on that part). And that's kind of why I started this blog, to help express myself in a way that I know I  can.  I was born in a ski town, from native Minesotans and they kind of bred me to become a big powder skier. So yeah, I started out doing both alpine and nordic skiing but now I'm pretty much nordic 24/7.

At the top of Snowbird enjoying the view
When I'm older I plan to live in one of these three places, the Castro District of San Fran, Portland, or Astoria, Oregon. I'm kind of obsessed with rain and sweater weather, so those places sound like paradise to me. I also love nature and all thing outdoors so I need to be somewhere where there is so much to explore.

I also am obsessed with Lana Del Rey (more like Lana Del Slay tbh). There's just something about her music that is so unique and unlike anything else I've ever heard. She captures your attention with her amazing lyrics and soft and steady beats. Ugh I just love her with an extremely unnatural passion I guess.

Well I think that that is enough of me, so um, enjoy my blog!

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