Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Roni Miller: "A Super Smart Introvert"

A pretty great selfie if I do says so myself.
Photo courtesy of Roni Miller.
Roni Miller is quite the fascinating individual. There is always a unique aura that surrounds her. Roni's biggest inspiration is her best friend who has the beautiful name of Fiona. Roni states that she is her biggest inspiration because Fiona always knows what to do when something happens and she can make anyone feel better (that sounds like a pretty grade A friend to me, I don't know about you).

One of Roni's favorite activities is listening to her fav music. Roni listens to a gargantuan variety of genres and artists. But she says that if she absolutely had to choose her favorite, she would pick Eminem. This is because his lyrics have such an in-depth meaning and he isn't really that cliche, as she puts it. I personally don't enjoy rap music, but I do know that Eminem's lyrics are just so extremely inspirational and just simply beautiful.

Roni says that when she's older she would love to go into cardiothoracic surgery. That is one weird spelling and it comes up as misspelled when I type it, but I looked it up and it's legit. Roni says that that this type of surgery is mainly focused on the heart and lungs plus the other miscellaneous organs in the chest. And my goodness is Roni ambitious. She wants to get a PHD and a doctoral degree. Gosh, I do not have enough patience to go to school for that long. So I give props to you Roni! 

So this next part is not a typical response on my blog. When Roni is older she wants to stay in Park City. Usually people say somewhere exotic and uber fancy. But I would absolutely love to stay here. I mean the nature is just so wondrous and the people here are actually pretty chill. 

Is it okay to quote in blog posts? Well I sure don’t know but I’m going to just put this next story in quotes because it’s perfect the way it’s written. Well I’ll just change it a little bit I guess. So Roni’s favorite memory is, “When she was with her cousins one late night, and they were trying to jump over on their beds (they're small beds). When her older cousin jumped she caught her foot on the side of the mattress and pulled it off the bed, but she had already started running across the small room so she had to jump OVER the mattress and somehow landed under her leg trapping Roni while she laid in a clothes basket. Roni’s younger cousin jumped with Roni so she fell on the other side of her older cousin trapping her. So they ended up in an unintentional human knot with Roni stomach down against a vertical mattress and everyone else trapped by something.” That is quite some story.

If Roni had to use one word to describe herself she would choose introverted. She says that this is because she can never trust anyone and she’s lost deep in thought a lot. This is a perfect word for Roni. It does almost always feel as if she’s thinking about some hardcore stuff. So Roni is an ultra smart introvert. I think that that is a pretty awesome description.

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