Sunday, October 19, 2014

Faith Staley: "Give Peace a Chance"

Image Courtesy: Faith Staley
Ah Faith Staley, the hippie feminist. A friend of mine who has a unique persona. We met in seventh grade in our social studies class. We had a teacher named Mr. Sanderson who made us do a mormon pioneer project. Well Faith took charge and invited our group to her humble abode and made me act as a girl for the project. We basically got an A+ on that project. 

This last summer Faith and I decided to spend one of the last days of summer throwing vegetables off of a mountain. So that’s what we did. We started from Faith’s house and rode to the grocery store to buy vegetables. I believe we bought an eggplant, two tomatoes, candy, and some peace tea. We then biked to PC hill and hiked to the top where we experienced some soaring hang gliders. We then started dancing to the Beatles and began to throw the organics. First we splattered some tomatoes which was quite satisfying. And then Faith viscously ripped open the eggplant and we threw it off. It was a pretty spot on day. 

A picture I took from the day we threw
vegetables off of PC Hill.
She uses coconut oil for everything and is a sucker for ballet. Faith is a Harry Potter fanatic and listens to the Beatles religiously. An interesting fact about Faith is that she has tea parties on roofs. Yes we have climbed onto her roof with tea and water bottles and danced to Wavin' Flag while waving to her neighbors. She attends environmental movie festivals and has even gone to congress with a petition against fracking. All in all, she is exponentially determined to get what she wants and will not stop at a simple no. Faith also started a blog about the sexist dress code at our school. Check it out here: Dresscoded.

Faith also has a weird fascination with ice skating. Like once we were just sitting around and all of a sudden she had an outburst about how badly she needed to go ice skating. This went on for weeks on end until she finally went ice skating. Let’s just say that she was way too happy.

Faith partakes in the Park City Dance Academy and was recently given the role of Raggedy Andy in their version of the Nutcracker. So go Faith! But seriously though, she is an awe-inspiring dancer and is truly amazing. I personally can not wait until I can go see Faith kill it in the Nutcracker.

My final story for Faith is the time that we got stuck in a ball. It was a sunny afternoon near the end of eighth grade and we were at Faith’s house with two other friends. We were having a blast having a tea party until the tea ran out and we ran around her house. I walked into Faith’s garage and saw a deflated hamster ball type thingy. It looked like this: hamster ball. Anyways, someone had the brilliant idea to get inside of it. So one person got in and we eventually all squished up inside of it. Let me tell you that it was super painful and uncomfortable. But we still laughed our heads off. No matter what, you will always have a blast with Faith.

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