Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rose Mclaughlin: "A Ninja Combined With a Super Genius"

Rose in Portland at Powell's Books.
Photo Courtesy of Rose Mclaughlin.
I have known Rose Mclaughlin for quite some time now, and she has never ceased to impress me. I mean she knows whats up when it comes to achieving goals. Like she's a literal ninja, masterfully combined with a super genius. Like why can't this girl share her talent with the rest of the general population? But she's a totally awesome person and a great friend as well.

I'll start things off with Rose's biggest inspiration. She says that it's a girl who does karate like herself. Her name is Maxine. Maxine is very short but still fights girls who are a lot taller than her. But that does not change had attitude what so ever. But what Rose likes the most about maxine, is that she's a very confident and strong woman.

When Rose is older and even a stronger and more independent woman, she would love to become a children's psychologist. That sounds awesome to me! I mean I would love to help people but I have this huge problem with seeing bloods and guts that I just can't get over. And that's why Rose wants to become a psychologist, to help people without seeing all of the other icky and gross parts. Rose would also love to live in Portland, Oregon. Now, if you've read my bio, then you would know that I too share that same dream of living in that gorgeous town. It has A+++ donuts at Voodoo's donuts and also like the largest bookstore in the country. So I mean who wouldn't wanna live there?

A word to describe Rose: bibliomaniac. This girl loves her books more than anything else in this world. Like I bet if I were to name all of the books that I have read in the past, she could probably do a quick synopsis of each lickety-split. So she mainly spends her time reading. But if she's not reading then you would probably find her watch America's/Britain's Got Talent clips on YouTube, or she'll be enjoying The Voice (team Adam all the way)!

Rose love and hates a lot of things. She loves to read, partake in karate, and sitting quietly in her room (probably with a book) without any annoying siblings. And Rose hates, annoying people, and people who have this messed up vision that they're special or whatever. See, Rose has definitely got it figured it out. But besides for the fact that she know what's up, she is also amazingly nice and is awesomely talented.

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