Thursday, May 12, 2016

How About an Update

Honestly the hottest picture in human existence

So it's literally been forever since I've done a post and I've honestly changed exponentially since my last one. My sophomore year of high school has really impacted and changed who I am and who I want to be in the best ways possible to be honest. I mean I've decided future college potentials and majors along with truly beginning to understand my personality type. So, please bear with me as I ramble on with my chaotic thoughts.

First off, I've realized that the Pacific Northwest is where I feel the most comfortable out of all the places that I have visited. After feeling the slightly humid air and cool breezes of Seattle to the sweeping smells of the ocean in Astoria and then the fresh smell of roses and coffee in Portland, I have found my soulmate. It feels like I've traveled to a myriad of locations during my sixteen years of life and the PNW is where I feel the most at home. So I'm taking initiative and going to college somewhere in the region. My top two schools so far are Lewis & Clark in Portland and Western Washington in Bellingham. They're both fantastic liberal arts schools with world renowned environmental programs but I'm still not sure if they're right for me. There is still something inside me, a longing to run, run far away to a distant land. And, that land is New Zealand. New Zealand seems so mysterious and enchanting to me that I must go and there is one school there that I have my eyes set on. This school is the University of Aukland and it's the top rated college in New Zealand. But that's not what I like about it. It is located smack dab in the middle of downtown Aukland and it too has a fantastic environmental program. I know that my parents wouldn't be happy with me but honestly though who cares. Its my life and not theirs (omg sorry for sounding like such an angsty teen). Anyways those are my feeling about college...

Okay so sit back cause this next part is gonna be quite the doozy. If you've never met me, I'll enlighten you on who I am. I grew up in Park City, Utah, in a classy A-frame home high up in the mountains surrounded by humongous pine trees. My parents took me out skiing as soon I could walk, and they're the ones who developed a love for the outdoors in me. They introduced me to nordic skiing by forcing me outside in negative degree weather with blustery wind and for some reason I've stuck with it. I am a very quiet person, that is until you start talking to me, then I'll keep talking to you until yours ears literally fall to the ground. My opinions about the environment and politics are abnormally strong so I will debate with you over pretty much anything for forever. But I still will never raise my hand in class or present a project without sweating sixty gallons, and that's what I've been working on. I have realized that opportunities aren't just going to walk up to me, I need to instigate projects that lead to amazing opportunities. I set goals very frequently and I have a list of them on my phone, and my top goal for life is to start talking to new people and develop stronger relationships with the friends that I already have. So lately I've been opening myself up to more strangers and through that I have so much more self confidence and pride, but its still a work in progress. Luckily though I am an extremely strong willed person, if I set a goal it will happen no matter what. That is currently my life philosophy, and we'll see if it stands for another year.

Omg if you actually read that whole blurb of discombobulated feelings, you deserve a clap on the back. I don't know, sometimes I get a really powerful urge to write about everything that's going on in my life, so here we are. Now I'm going to share with you like a bajillion photos from my life during this past year. So don't worry, we'll suffer through it together.

Hehe I love my puppy

Just chillin with a cat even tho I'm hardcore allergic #yolo
Hanging out with my third fav celeb!
Hiking with the Skadi in the snowy mountains
Light painting is a lot of fun ;)

Isabelle and I at running camp in Duck Creek Village

Ren, Krissy and I after flipping over in a kayak #traumatizing

Yeah so I guess you could say that I'm pretty good at modeling or whatever
At Homecoming with Faith and Chloe!!

Sundance with the main, we met Nick frickin Jonas!!!
The Seattle skyline from a ferry ride across Puget Sound

Skiing in Canada at Mount Shark

Picture with some famous skier named Martin Sundby, pssht no big deal

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