Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Update on Faith Staley! "Give Peace a Chance"

Faith styling withs some sick shades and a
little sister. Selfie courtesy of Faith Staley.

Now I know I've done like literally thousands of blog posts on Faith Staley but she's fun to write about so let's do it again shall we. My first initial post about Faith was probably back in quarter one or like quarter two so it has been awhile. So let's begin with what has changed in Faith's life since the last interview.

The Snapchat captions says it all. Selfie
courtesy of Faith Staley.
Faith's family has adopted a new puppy named Rosie. And let me tell you I love puppies! If I could take a bath in puppies I totally would. So when I heard that Faith was getting a puppy I basically squealed out of pure joy. Now raising puppy is not as cute as a puppy itself. So when I got my puppy I had to clean up a lot of her "accidents" so to speak. And now Faith has gotten accustomed to doing that as well. Animals are weirdly like extremely sassy and strangely jealous when a new pet comes along. So I wasn't surprised to hear that Faith's kitty (Lizzy) has been meaner than usual. So now Faith has a lot more scratches which is new. Another change is that Faith rearranged her room which actually isn't that     unusual. But still extremely amazing. You can read more about her spontaneous room reconfigurings here.

Some new addictions that Faith has developed are mainly focused on new musicians. Now you probably know this artist quite well Winds of Change (it's pretty A+++ tbh.) And there's another band that she's been listening to a lot more than before and that band is the ever glorious band called City and Colour.
from his undoubtedly famous song: Riptide. But Faith absolutely adores another song by him called

Yep so thats it for this blog entry and I hoped you enjoyed learning a little bit about what's happening with Faith's erratic and hectic life.

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