Monday, May 4, 2015

An Update on Morrison Haslock! "A Fanatic Harry Potter/Percy Jackson Fan"

Morrison in her natural habitat just
chilling and such. Photo courtesy of
Morrison Haslock.
The last time that I interviewed Morrison was so long ago I don't even remember doing it. But alas I did, and I thought that it was time to write another post on this hardcore fandom obsessor.
First off, Morrison is still quite obsessed with all of her past T.V. shows and books and such, but she does have a couple of new things that she likes as well. This includes the newest Avengers movie (god it was the best tbh) and so now she breaths, eats, and drinks DC comics/Marvel comics ever since she saw that truly wondrous movie. But along with her newest addictions, she still has her old  ones as well. I mean she still loves Harry Potter (it's a true classic if you ask me) and she also still enjoys Percy Jackson fanatically. So she still the same ol' Morrison.

Morrison has also started to draw a lot more frequently than she used to. Most of her works are inspired by her fav T.V. shows and movies. And all of them are of people as well. This girl carries her sketch book practically everywhere and is always showing me some work (and they're all really good tbh). I personally can't draw a anything even close to a human without the head being way to ovally shaped and the eyes to look like demented eggs. And my trees just look like green blobs on top of overly thick and long sticks. So yeah, props to you Morrie!

Well I do hope that that was fun and satisfying for you to read. I mean cause it sure was a blast to write! I hope that y'all will come back to some more of my posts, thanks!

A drawing that Morrison did of a character she created named
Lena. Photo courtesy of Morrison Haslock.

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